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SIBA High -Tech Mechanical Group Joint Stock Company (SIBA GROUP) is a multi-industry production and business enterprise, developed on the basis of mechanical engineering and construction.
SIBA GROUP produces a variety of products for many fields such as:

- Mechanical Engineering for Construction (SIBACONS): Basic construction, pre-engineered steel buildings, solar energy systems.
- Mechanical Engineering for Agriculture (SIBAGRI): Grain processing plants, frames, cages, automated feeding systems, ventilation systems, livestock farming equipment.
- Furniture & Home Appliances (SIBA Furniture & Refrigeration): Office furniture, residential furniture, supermarket furniture, warehouse furniture, kitchen furniture, electrical appliances, and household appliances.
- Mechanical Engineering for Environmental Solutions (SIBAECO): Fertilizers, waste-to-energy systems, waste processing lines, wastewater treatment, waste crushers.
- Steel Plate Processing: Fabrication and processing of steel plates to create various products.


SIBA GROUP owns a high-tech mechanical factory with a system of modern machinery and equipment imported from Europe. We are proud of a team of experienced and skilled engineers and technicians combined with international standard production processes. SIBA GROUP is committed to providing customers with outstanding, complete quality products fine to every detail.


With a multi-brand strategy, SIBA GROUP provides a variety of outstanding quality products from many different fields for life and production.


With the motto of continuous innovation and target pursue "All for the customer’s benefits", SIBA GROUP wishes to become a reliable partner, supplier of high quality products with competitive prices, towards stability and sustainability. In particular, we attach great importance to the human factor in the business, cooperate on the spirit of development, mutual benefit and work towards socially meaningful business activities.